Valid until 31/03/2024

Hanks Pub & Food is 100% Vegan.

However, if you're not vegan - and we're not - if you let that put you off, you're missing out.

We went for a traditional 'Sunday Roast', and it was right up there with the best we've had in years.

We eat at a couple of vegan places in Ipswich, and it seems to us that there are two approaches to it. The first is to recreate traditionally meat/fish based foods such as sausages and bacon, and even give them names such as 'vegan fish and chips'. The second is to ignore that, and just create great tasting plant based dishes.

Hanks takes the first approach. Two of us had the Vegan Wellington, and our guest had a very tasty roulade. Accompanied by plenty of fresh vegetables and probably the best cauliflower 'cheese' that we've ever had. The chipolatas that we had were incredible, and if I didn't have total faith in Hanks that it is 100% vegan, I'd have sworn it was meat.

Desserts were delicious and polished off without a crumb being left.

And there's no compromise on the drinks either, with a great range of quality wines and beers.

So, we thoroughly recommend making a visit.

You can call them on 01473 845099, or visit their website for more details.